Reviews & Testimonials

“What an amazing privilege to be among the first to see your astonishing brilliant creation. A stunning feat of engineering in its own right. I cannot thank you enough, I am truly gob-smacked, a superb tribute to all those who flew with RAF Bomber Command.”

“On the night of 16/17th May I was privileged to be asked to act as navigator in your Lancaster simulator”

“I am finding it hard to come up with words that describe how much of an impression our visit made on me yesterday. It’s simple enough to say a very deep thank you for being so generous with your time. It’s harder to say what impressed me most. What you have created has left a lasting impression on me. I’ve seen a lot of aviation exhibits, but I don’t think I have experienced such an authentic feel for the period, the people and the kit. What you have achieved is truly remarkable, unique, authentic, accurate, I could go on.”

“To walk into the amazing re-created space that my Grandfather spent so many dangerous hours in was a humbling experience. What you have created Andy, is a stunning memorial to all the men who flew in Bomber Command and is probably the best tool imaginable to not only honor them but to educate future generations of their sacrifice and achievements.”

“Hi Andy, just a quick line to thank you for both your hospitality on Monday, Sam and I had a great time. It’s always good to meet like minded enthusiasts and I think you qualify at the highest level ! I was delighted by your control tower artifacts and obviously the simulator is astounding.”

“Thank you so much for a fascinating evening ! We left with two powerful thoughts, firstly what an incredible job you have done to conceive, build, fly (thus far) keep quiet your incredible machine. Secondly what extraordinary bravery was required by the aircrew who flew the bombers 8-10 hours in the dark and cold.”

Just a few of the comments in the visitors book