Flying The Simulator

The simulator and RAF experience is for like minded people interested in WW11 and the experience of flying with period history being brought to life.

The simulator is not for thrill seekers, other venues cater for such experiences.

You do not need to be a pilot to enjoy the experience, your visit can be tailored to one’s ability and experience, we will get you airborne !


Flying the Link Trainer can be undertaken using VR and can be flown by both experienced and none experienced.

Time slots are ½ – 1 hour flying and include instruction and help with take off and landing if required. Various airfields and aircraft are available.


A more demanding aircraft where it is usual for us to get the aircraft airborne and then you to take over.

Again, from various airfields and on the longer time slots a run along, The Fleet, off Portland are possible where they tested the bouncing bomb. Along with other areas.

Again, usually ½ – 1 hour flying time slots


Once flying the Lancaster is mastered, it is possible to fly a bombing mission with suitable navigation. Along with help from us as required.


Persons under 18years by prior arrangement and suitability.

All above include an introduction in the Briefing room and all equipment required for the flight and a post flight debrief.

See Costs section for details

See Testimonials for past visitors comments.